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About Tom

"Loving the fiddle so much, I just had to learn how to play. Once I began playing the violin, with its intricate character and graceful lines, it hooked me.  I knew then  I had to build one and move on to learn how to set-up, repair and maintain them."

Tom Pierce

"My violin making and repair studies started in 2000 at the Violin Craftsman Institute, UNH in Durham, New Hampshire.  I studied violin making under the direction of Karl Roy, master craftsman from Mittenwald, Germany, and set-up, maintenance, repair and restoration under Horst L. Kloss, a Mittenwald-trained Master Violin Maker."

A retired submarine electronics technician, Tom Pierce moved to Lafayette, Louisiana, from South Berwick, Maine, to pursue a second career as a violin maker and repairer.

For five years before moving to Louisiana, Tom set up, repaired and restored violins at his workshop in Maine. Now, he continues his passion in the culture-rich community of Arnaudville, Louisiana.

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